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Nick Broms: What's The Rush? (Official Sizzle)

Nick Broms: What's The Rush? (Official Sizzle)


Nick Broms: What's The Rush?


Join the cast & crew for an exclusive screening of Nick Broms: What's The Rush?


80 MPH. Downhill. No Brakes

2X Downhill Skateboarding Jr World Champion Nick Broms takes us through a thrilling journey along the California coast in preparation for his gnarliest ride yet. 

Join us in following 18-year-old Nick as he battles the physical and emotional hurdles of downhill skateboarding: preparing for obstacles and dealing with the raw fear of death or injury before the most terrifying run of his life. 

An inspiring documentary giving us a look into the passionate downhill skateboarding community, and a glimpse inside the mind of one of the best downhill athletes in the world.

Nick Broms: What's The Rush?

80MPH. Downhill. No Brakes.
Sold Out World Premiered at the Famous Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, CA
World Premiere copy.jpg

“You’ll never look at asphalt the same way again”

- Felicia M. Koretsky, former columnist with the Miami Herald.

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